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Dins Santi Taura is the very personal project of chef, Santi Taura. At Dins, you will find the history of Mallorca, its products, its recipes books and the memory of the island’s cuisine uniquely and exclusively prepared and cooked.
Santi Taura has not left Lloseta. In fact, his main kitchen remains there. He has simply merged the two restaurants in Lloseta to create just one, Dins Santi Taura, and has moved it to Palma.
Santi Taura and his team have moved to the neighborhood of La Calatrava, located on top of the wall of the old town, just 500 meters from Palma’s cathedral.
The opportunity to progress as a restaurant emerged and it happened to be in a historic neighborhood, in the old Jewish quarter of La Calatrava, which we believe is the ideal place to continue showing the potential of Mallorcan cuisine. The Dins Santi Taura restaurant will occupy a space inside the El Llorenç Parc de la Mar Hotel.


  • On request we can offer you a parking service for 15€ per vehicle. You will have to drive your vehicle to the entrance of the hotel and once you arrive we will park your vehicle for you.
  • The neighborhood of La Calatrava is a restricted circulation area for vehicles. Only authorized vehicles with the Acire card are allowed to enter or those granted special permission, such as parking card holders for people with reduced mobility, or those exempt from obtaining authorization, such as motorcycles and bicycles.
Bus routes 15, 23, 25, 29, 30, 31 and 41 pass close by stopping at Porta del Camp (stand number 458), located about 200 meters from the restaurant.
  • The Les Avingudes car park is located about 600 meters from the restaurant.
  • The Saba Sa Gerreria car park, located in the plaza of Porta Sant Antoni, is located about 700 meters from the restaurant, as is the public parking in Plaza Major.
  • The underground parking of the Parc de la Mar is about 400 meters from the restaurant.
  • You can find street parking that is marked with blue lines, which means you have to pay using the ticket machines, close to gas station of Les Avenidas, located about 200 meters from the restaurant.


Punctuality is essential for the proper functioning of the dining room and the kitchen service. If you know you are going to be late, please call the restaurant to let us know your approximate time of arrival.
As per the cancellation policy, you will be charged €70 per person.
  • Yes, of course, at any time using the email or SMS that you received when requesting your reservation and at no cost to you.  If we receive your cancellation more than 48 hours prior to the time of reservation, you will not be charged anything.  In the case that it is received less than 48 hours prior, a charge of €70 per person will apply. 
  • The cancellation or no-show charge action is done automatically within the reservation system.

  • If the reason for cancelling the reservation is due to an unforeseen event with some type of proof possible, we will be happy to assist you in arranging another visit where it will be taken into account the amount previously charged.


Punctuality is essential for the proper functioning of the dining room and the kitchen service. If you know you are going to be late, please call ahead to the restaurant and let us know of your approximate time of arrival.

As a consequence of any delay in your arrival, you may experience delays in service upon arrival. Delayed reservations, with no notice given, will be canceled after 20 minutes of the original booking time. If notice is given, those reservations still unfulfilled more than 40 minutes after their original booking time will be considered void, reserving the right of entry or attendance depending on how busy the restaurant is on the given day.

In both of these cases, if you end up not showing up, you will lose your right to reserve and we will apply the cancellation policy that you will have accepted by placing your initial reservation.
As per the to cancellation policy, the restaurant’s reservation system will automatically charge your credit card an amount of €50 per person.
• Yes, of course, at any time, using the link included in the email or SMS that you will have received upon placing your reservation and at no cost to you. If we receive your cancellation more than 48 hours prior to the time of reservation, there will be no charge. In the case that the cancellation is received less than 48 hours prior to the reservation time, a charge of €50 per person will apply.

• The cancellation or no-show charge is processed automatically by the reservation system and is not controlled by any of our service staff.

• If the reason for canceling your reservation is due to a unforeseen or major event, if you are able to provide proof we will be happy to assist you in arranging another booking where the amount previously charged will be taken in account.
Unfortunately, ghost reservations or “no-shows” in the hospitality sector are frequent leading to the unnecessary preparation of tables as well as the possibility of unfulfilled bookings at our expense. Therefore, booking with a credit card guarantees your reservation and confirms that we assume the commitment to ensure a welcome experience at Dins. The conditions and policies of said process are as follows. • You must provide your credit card details to secure your reservation. Your card will not be charged at this time. • You can cancel or modify the reservation (depending on availability) at no cost up to 48 hours prior to the reservation time. If you cancel or modify it after the 48 hour deadline, or if you do not show up, the restaurant can automatically make the aforementioned charge on your card.

• The restaurant may cancel any reservation if it reasonably considers that it is fraudulent, abusive or illegal.

• Contact the restaurant if you do not receive the reservation confirmation or if any information on the confirmation is incorrect.

• All charges or pre-authorizations on your card are carried out directly between you and the payment gateway, handled and processed by Adyen. ElTenedor is not involved as a party in any transaction and the restaurant has no access to your credit card details.


The maximum capacity of the restaurant is 30 people.
The dining room is divided into a kitchen-bar for 10 people and two other dining rooms rooms with 4 and 6 tables respectively. At the time of making the reservation, it is advisable to indicate in which area you would like to dine. This is always subject to availability and as such there is no obligation on the behalf of the restaurant to comply with the request, although we will do everything to make it possible.

In the autumn-winter season, dining is only possible on Wednesdays and Thursdays in the evening-nighttime, and on Fridays and Saturdays at lunchtime and in the evening-nighttime.
During the summer season, from Tuesdays to Fridays only at evening-nighttime and Saturday lunchtime and evening-nighttime.
If a group of diners wishes to book for a private event, they should contact

Mallorcan and Balearic cuisine. In some cases, our dishes are served in the traditional way and others in more contemporary ways, yet always respecting the recipes’ original ingredients and the gustatory taste.
DINS Santi Taura does not offer an à la carte menu, but only one tasting menu, ORIGENS, for 85€, with a choice of two other dishes and a selection of extra cheeses for 15€ each.

However, if you do not want the tasting menu, you have the possibility of booking in DINS EL LLORENÇ where Chef Santi Taura is not present but follows the philosophy of his cuisine without having to choose the menu. Check which days and times you can make a reservation depending on the chosen option.

Although the two concepts are run by the same Santi Taura, they share the same facilities at
the Hotel El Llorenç and share the same Balearic recipes, they are two different concepts:
The main differences of the "Dins a la carte" modality are:
– Chef Santi Taura is not present.
– There is no tasting menu available.
– There are only a la carte portions.
– There is no bar/high table service, only table service.
– No Michelin guide award.

Santi Taura has reduced his restaurants to just one, Dins Santi Taura, to return to the essence, to the origin, and to be able to enjoy his cuisine and his customers to the maximum.

Santi Taura ensures its presence to 99% in tasting menu mode. A la carte, Santi Taura has his trusted kitchen team at the helm.
It will depend on the chosen menu, but it is best to allow at least two hours.
No. We offer a choice of more than 500 wines, as well as cocktails.
Please discuss with your fellow diners and at the time of placing your reservation, let us know of any changes so that we can prepare alternative dishes.

In any case, if you or your fellow diners have or suffer from severe food intolerances, strict dietary restrictions or choose not to eat any product of animal origin, we ask that you seriously reconsider your reservation at Dins since in all probability, we will not be able to adapt your tasting menu accordingly and your dining experience may not be entirely satisfactory with us.

There is no vegetarian menu. As long as we know in advance, we can adapt our tasting menu only without meat, fish and/or seafood.
Vegan preparations are not available.

Many of our dishes are difficult to divide and can still be tasted with the same idea with which they were created.

If you don't eat too much or are looking for something more economical, we suggest you visit the "Dins a la carte" option in the Hotel El Llorenç or visit our other restaurant in Palma, Cor Barra i Taula, near the Mercat de l'Olivar.
We do not apply additional charges for the changes as indicated in previous questions. In situations where a diner requires a special menu, such as vegan menus (which excludes all foods derived from animals for ethical reasons) or menus with a high number of restrictions that we cannot meet for reasons of time or complexity, we politely suggest you do not place a reservation with us at Dins.
We will try to adapt to any situation in an effective way. Last minute changes are not always easily resolved and may delay the service of other diners.
In special cases, it is better to contact the Dins Santi Taura team by email and they will personally handle your request and let you know what might be possible.
The restaurant does not have private dining rooms or specific meeting rooms. We ask that you you visit our other dining establishment in Palma, Cor Barra i Taula, which does have such facilities, as well as catering staff who will be able to help you find other solutions.
No problem. If you wish to smoke outside during the tasting menu, we recommend that at the beginning of the menu you advise our staff of any breaks you wish to take and ensure these are brief.
Yes, you can take photos and record videos, as long as you do not disturb other diners. We advise against the use of flash.

Unfortunately children under the age of 16 are not allowed in our restaurant, as DINS Santi Taura currently shares a building with the Hotel El Llorenç Parc de la Mar and it is an Adults Only concept.

Unfortunately our restaurant is located in a boutique hotel that does not allow children under 16 years of age. Due to past experience, the restaurant does not admit babies.

Dins Santi Taura is not the kind of restaurant to come with pushchairs, and we do not have space for pushchairs in the dining room or highchairs for them.
For the comfort of all our diners, we do not allow pets in the dining room.
Our facilities are adapted to meet the needs of people with reduced mobility. When placing your reservation, we would be grateful if you would let us know so that we can ensure your visit is more comfortable.

Thank you very much for your kindness and understanding.

Dins Santi Taura is your home.

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